Friday 19 August 2016

Help A Brotha Out!

This is a call for my stateside trading partners towards a couple cards I'd really like, but really don't want to pay the insane shipping charges to Canada for just a single card.

When it comes to the US election, all I really care about is if I'll have to specify which Clinton was President the last time the Bills made the playoffs (Yup, the Music City Miracle was their last time, and it was at the end of Bill Clinton's second term). So, the Decision 2016 set really doesn't appeal much to me.

And then I saw the checklist.

Michael Bloomberg is on it.

He's a 2/14 baby.

So, if one of my trading partners can pick up one of these cards, I'd feel like a happy king!
This is his high number base card. #111
This is his Candidate Portrait insert.

Surely, someone lives somewhere shipping isn't $13 for a single card?

1 comment:

  1. I got ya bud! Least I could do after the killer package I received this week. Just picked up the #111 short print on eBay, $4 shipped. I'll shoot you a PWE as soon as it arrives, have a few cards set aside for you anyway...