Tuesday 30 August 2016

[ADMIN] Resume Fire!

There is a tentative agreement involving the post office, so it should be finally safe to send things my way again. The only way things won't get here is through typical incompetence as opposed to a labour stoppage.

Seems a peculiar choice. Not a mask binder card. Just a typical Bowman card.

The answer is on the back:
This is the only cardboard proof Steve Weeks was an Ottawa Senator. His time with Ottawa was, appropriately, weak. He went 0-5, with a GAA of 7.23 and a save percentage of .792. This was the last he saw of the NHL. But, no matter what the numbers, he still fits into my collection of every Senator ever.


  1. Sent you a PWE this past weekend, we'll see how it fares...

  2. Gearing up a healthy mix to send you later in the fall. Good to see the postal issues are sorted (ha...see what I did there!)