Tuesday 30 August 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 35 - Forgotten Repacks

I've actually had these sitting around for a few months now, but had yet to get around to posting them. While looking for some other cards, I came across these, which were sitting dormant for at least a couple months. Now seems like a good a day as any.

2014 UD - Ryan Strome
2005 Parkhurst - Mike Ricci - While I'm never a big fan of removing the background from cards, if they background uses the team logo and/or colours, it can save a design. Which it does here.
1990 UD - Larry Robinson
1996 Choice - Chris Terreri - An interesting photo choice with the goalie playing the puck.
1992 Parkhurst - Kevin Todd
1991 Score - Wayne Gretzky - Getting any Gretzky card from a repack is nice.
1991 Pro Set - Ric Nattress
1992 Parkhurst Emerald - Ray Whitney - And Ray was still getting base cards in 2013 and 2014 releases.
1990 Topps - Jets Team Card
1994 Donruss - Markus Naslund - Despite a couple seasons as a Penguin, seeing Markus as anything other than a Canuck on a card is odd.
1990 UD - Bob Rouse
1993 Parkhurst Emerald - Jeff Daniels - A lot of Parkhurst in this pack, including two parallels.
2001 Victory - Joe Thornton - Bruins content!
1990 Bowman - Doug Wilson - As required.
2006 Victory Next in Line - Mike Cammalleri - And the reason I grabbed this was to pad out a future TMM mailing.

Some really nice stuff in this one. Parallels. An inserts. Gretzky. Thornton. No complaints here for the $1 price tag.

2015 Full Force - Jonathan Huberdeau - I opted for this one just since I kinda liked the base design used.
1990 Score - Mark Lamb
1991 7th Inning Sketch OHL - Matthew Mullin - It is nice to add an OHL card from the 90s to my mask binder.
1992 UD - Sergei Bautin
2002 Piece of History - Ryan Smyth - Not the best jerseys in team history, but not too bad considering some other team's 3rds.
1994 Score - Randy Burridge - Awful design. Interesting photo.
1991 Bowman - Stanley Cup Game #5
1993 Ultra - Jozef Stumpel
1990 Score - Keith Primeau
2009 UD - Rick DiPietro
1993 Premier - Neil Brady - WOO-HOO! A Sen!
1991 Topps - Alan May
1991 Platinum - Dave Ellett
1990 Bowman - Bob Sweeney - Again, the required '90 Bowman card.
2013 OPC Retro - And ending on one of the more obnoxious parallel set.

A couple keepers from one of these is all one can ask for. An easy victory for the first repack, but enough interesting stuff in these to still make them worthy pickups.

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  1. 94 Score is like Max Headroom had a baby with a Nagel painting.