Wednesday 10 August 2016

Comfort Food - Part 2 of 2

And now, the 5 other packs in the box.

Pack 6:
No hit, but I can't complain when I pull a parallel of Alfie from the pack. The gold parallels of the 100 card update set fall at one per box, so hitting a PC addition out of those odds is nice.

Pack 7:
More Buffalo! Pitlick is the son of former Ottawa Senator Lance Pitlick. That's about as close to Senators content in this box.

Pack 8:
I guess if you like seeing goalies in hats, this would be the pack for you. Heeter has been playing in Europe the past season and a half.

Pack 9:
Another pretty blah pack. At least both of these guys spent 15-16 on this side of the Atlantic.

Pack 10:
And the final pack coughs up the Rookie Selection. That's not the best of the available cards, but I could have done worse.

Not the best box, not the worst box. Just a box of cards with a few keepers and a few COMC cards. And some trade material as well.

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