Tuesday 8 July 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 35: The Football

Most of what I purchased in the COMC go-arounds so far falls into the baseball category. In fact, looking through the 70 or so cards I have yet to post , about 50 of them are baseball, with the rest being from the other sports, or Hollywood type cards (mainly new 2/14 faces).  So, the next COMC challenge posts will see some of the goodies from those categories.

So, football goes today. Tomorrow, who knows?
Every time I see this sweater, my thoughts jump from "Wow. That is a hideous garment." to "Wow. I want that sweater and would wear it every moment of my life." The latter thought occurs more frequently, and would probably be the winner.
Of course, a couple Bills were part of this grab. There's probably more Bills among the 88 cards still in my inventory, but I'll gladly show off this card of Thurman Thomas.It might not be like 1993 Leaf with this background, but it is still a unique look.
And here's one of the Interstate parallels, which feature novelty license plates on the back from the player's home state.
I'm not to sure about this one, though. OH NOOOOO!
Hee hee! Dickey!
Hee hee! Craphonso!

Why yes, I am 7 years old. What's the problem?
After picking up one of his cards in a repack and learning of his early passing, I wanted to add a hit of his to my collection. I don't quite understand my reasoning, but having such a bizarre want after picking up a repack isn't exactly a first for me. So, here's a sticker graph and an event worn relic of Mr. Adams. I guess bizarre wants aren't such a bad thing when you've got a pile of cash in your account.
I bought this one because the penmanship was interesting, and the number on the card didn't match the one on the sticker. He's dead too.

On the upside, there are no more football hits in this box, so I don't have to feel morbid with the rest of the cards.

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