Saturday 19 July 2014

Flea Market Alfie (and more!)

Back to the flea market again this morning. This time I picked up another flea market repack (this one contained a promised relic card to go alongside the brick of recent hockey base). I'll show those off later, since I also grabbed a few new cards for my Alfredsson collection, and one more for the 2/14 collection.
Hologram cards! Hologram cards always rule! Except when it comes to try and get things even when you're scanning them and the cards have round edges on all sides. But seriously, hologram cards are always awesome.
Die-cut cards? Also consistently awesome.
Prizm cards from the Prizm set that never was but then was kinda sorta. Yeah, these are pretty nice to. Even if this is the base and not the shiny.
And finally, among the singles was this new addition to my 2/14 collection. Sorry that I only found one of these, as this would also be a nice bright addition to Too Many Manninghams' collection of hockey hits. Should I find another one of these, it is yours!

So, not a bad haul at all. I'll get to the flea market repack with a relic at a later date.

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