Saturday 12 July 2014

Ginter Sampler

Going full bore with Heritage means some sets had to be sacrificed. Instead of the joy of putting together the 2014 Topps flagship, I had to pick up a factory set instead. At least I could collate the 660 card set within. Another sacrifice would be Ginter, but I could still pick a few packs of it.

In retrospect, it was a shame, since I really liked the design this year, and there are a couple of cards that will be on my way to the Top 10 list at some point, namely the card with Roy Halladay as a Blue Jay, and the Wold's Capitals card featuring by old hometown of Ottawa.

But, those I'm sure will come eventually. Today, the highlights from the 5 packs I grabbed at the LCS.
Leading with a hit is kinda cheating - but it when it is my first Votto relic for my Cancon collection, I'll cheat and lead with it. I guess I could wish it were a red relic, or even a white one for a nice patriotic contrast, but that, as always it nit-picking.
Since everybody loves the minis, here were the 5 I got. All are the standard backs, (such as they can be for the Komodo Dragon card), excepting Cespedes which is a Ginter back.
Blue Jays content was restricted to this one of Encarnacion, but that's a pretty bad ass looking picture of Edwin.
I did end up with a pair of Mets cards, though. I'm always happy to come across cards of Piazza as a Met, especially since his past few appearances in modern sets have been in Panini products.
I did end up with a pair of high # SPs.
Among the base, here were the only 3 non-baseball cards I pulled. Considering I've busted packs that were entirely non-baseball in the past, that's a decent ratio.
And my favourite card in terms of photo choice was this Bob Feller. That's likely because this photo didn't look at all familiar to me. A quick scan of COMC images shows that this one appears to be making its first appearance on a Topps card, although I'm sure there's some high end card where this image appears on a /5 base card.
Here are the pastimes inserts I pulled. It's very blah in terms of interest in the subject matter but the design is nice.
I didn't pull the Ottawa World Capitals card, but did get Tokyo.
And to wrap it up, a pair of Air Supremacy inserts. Those would have been beyond cool when I was 8. Now, they're still pretty nice.

So, there's likely my only venture into Ginter for 2014.


  1. Any Ginter inserts (big or small) that you don't want, let me know!