Sunday 30 June 2013

Finally, wrapping up the Spring Expo goodies

I might as well get this done before Canada Day!

Plus, I need to use that box for Series 2 storage.

Damn, I love pinstripes on relic  cards. Especially when I can pick them up for a dollar.
A Princeton educated goon? Awesome!
And two relics deserve a third. How about a HOFer? Although this is event-worn as opposed to game-worn, so it might be from his golf shirt at an old-timers tournament.
To continue with the HOFers, here's a pair of hockey ones from one of my favourite designs.
Milan Hejduk is not a Hall of Famer. He likely will not be. But he's an honoured member of the 2/14 club, and I'm happy to add this parallel into that binder. Once my latest COMC and sportlots orders get here, there will be quite a few new faces for that binder.
A nice, albeit quite psychedelic refractor of a pretty good pitcher.
And to wrap things up, a card I got just because I liked the guy's nickname.

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