Tuesday 11 June 2013

Let's try a Fairfiled Basketball repack!

I've tried football, baseball and hockey packs. Why not grab a 100 card basketball one? Same price as the others, with a 1 in 4 chance at a relic card (nope) and 5 rookies (more than that, but I really didn't count). I also got a lot fewer 1991 Hoops than I expected (only 2). The selection was really all over the place. I think 1994-95 Ultra was the most frequent year/brand, with 5 cards.

One of my main problems with basketball cards is they tend to have action shot overload. Yes, I love a great shot of a dunk, but it does become repetitive when you find a lot of them in the same pack. So, while there were some nice high-flying shots of players closing in for 2 points, this one was my favourite. Wesley isn't scoring. The ball's behind him, so he doesn't appear to be blocking a shot. He just seems to be on an out of control leap.

It's different. It's magnificent.

It also gives a nice view of one of the more hideous jerseys in recent years.

At least there weren't any of the pale blue Nets uniforms of the early 90s.

How'd I do grabbing cards from my favourite teams?

5 Celtics. Or 4. Not exactly a murderer's row. But that is a really unique one of Dee Brown, even though I really didn't want 2 of them. But, the back of the Ellison features my #2 photo in the repack.
As for Raptors cards, I pulled a big fat zero.  But I did grab a pair of Grizzlies.
The hoops portion of my zistle list is woefully behind, but the only other two Vancouver Grizzlies on the list over there were also Reeves & Moten.
Best name in the repack? Lawrence Funderburke.
Worst name? Purvis Short.
As said, there were more than 5 rookies in the pack. But, since these 5 were bunched together, I'm working with the assumption that these were the promised 5. Dorell Wright is the only player of the bunch that played in the NBA last season. He also has this incredible stat on his wiki page "On April 13, 2011, Wright became the first player in NBA history to have scored more points in his seventh season than all of his first six combined"
It also had a nice variety of cards of people that are in the Hall of Fame, or, in Payton's case, soon to be enshrined. The Pippen is from a McDonald's Hoops set. For a bit, I thought that the 1989 Thomas card would end up being the oldest one in the pack, but then the Rockets card that featured Moses Malone was the second last card that I thumbed through.

Another fun $5.00 repack bust. I grabbed some baseball ones as well, so those should show up over the next while.

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