Thursday 20 June 2013

Series 2 is here! Series 2 is here!

A quick trip past the LCS showed an inviting box in the window. They weren't in anywhere I looked yesterday, but an empty jumbo box on display told me the goodies had arrived today. Time to bust some packs. I vowed not to buy any boxes this time around. Just packs. So, I walked out with two packs.

Here are the highlights of the first pack. Second pack? I'll post it tomorrow, tonight, or whenever.

My first card of Series 2. Also, my favourite photo in the pack. That has to be a sign of how much I'll enjoy Series 2. Although the horizontal cards were all really strong candidates.
All beautiful shots. All perfect for the horizontal format. I'd probably give the slight nod to the Cabrera due to the alternate camo uniforms, though.
Total # of Jays and Mets pulled in the first pack? You're looking at 'em! Both part of the trade involving each other. Both probably photoshopped into their new uniforms.
Worst picture? This one. Easily. The orange almost disappears into the dirt background, making it way too much of one colour on the card. I can't imagine this being surpassed by another card in the set. Or in Series 1. Or Update. I don't even mind 1991 Fleer, but this is really pushing the brightness.

I got completely shut out on SP parallels in the first series. Here, I find one in the first pack I open. Following up the Pena card with a shades sporting Giancarlo Stanton was not intentional, but it should have been. It's way too soon to judge from two packs, but are they easier to pull this time around?
And the inserts! I'll certainly be trying to complete the Chase It Down subset. if nothing else. The Making Their Mark is also new this time around. It appears merely to salute players' first home run. Pretty blah insert series for me. The others, you've seen the first time.

So, there you go!


  1. That Ruggiano is great! Hard to believe it's not one of those uber-SPed celebratory shots.

    I nabbed a rack pack of Series 2 yesterday that I'll be posting soon. Looking like another nice set thus far!

  2. I'm with Nick; my first instinct was that the Ruggiano is an SP. I guess we're in totally bizarro world when a Gatorade bath card is mundane while the head shot is an SP!

  3. That Cabrera card is pretty slick looking, but I'm probably more than a little biased. The "Chase It Down" inserts look sweet. I actually LIKE the Pena card, just because I'm in love with those Astros uniforms. But I also love 91 Fleer, so maybe I just like bright things.