Friday 21 June 2013

Let's dig into the second Series 2 pack

Firstly, I've knocked $1.00 off the price for the slots in my hockey break. Hopefully, a small deduction will get us to the needed slots to go with this.  3 more folks buying in, and it's a go! $17.00 within Canada, $20.00 elsewhere, and $10.00 if you want an extra slot. Click above or at the side to sign up!

Alright, on to the baseball!

Photographically speaking, this one was my favourite from this pack. It's from right after his no-hitter. Sure, it is a getty images picture, but it's a great moment captured on cardboard for a base card.
This might be the most suitable photo in the set. I only wish there were some evidence that he caught the ball.

The only other really notable photo came from the inserts:

Holy eye bulge!
In terms of inserts, it really was a Rockies hot pack. The purple really looks great for this subset. Almost regal. I'm not sure how appropriate a slide at home is for a stolen base themed card, but it's still an interesting shot.
No Blue Jays in the pack, and this Ike Davis was the only Met I pulled. Or Las Vegas 51er.
Here's my mini! No complaints about a Brooks mini.

And my first hit from Series 2:

A manu-pin! I'm definitely happy with the Trout, but if someone pulls a Blue Jays or Mets one similar to this from 2013, it's available for trade.

But, to end on a bummer:

14 dupes from the first package. Bah!


  1. You can never tell with Bourn, his glove has had some springs in it this year. I'm not a fan of the "Chasing History" inserts, but the Ike Davis card looks sharp. I've always been a semi-fan of his because I actually watched that first game on TV, during the end of my "in college-don't care about baseball that much" days.

  2. I am officially on the lookout for a Blue Jay or Met manu-pin.

  3. Love the Bailey! I'll have to get that Bourn for my "at the wall" collection as well.