Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Wrapping up my Archives break

I forgot to post a few of the inserts I came across in my break. So, time to wrap up the box break and post the last of 'em.

Looking at the checklist for this, it seemed to be about an even split of current and retired players. So, of course I pull exclusively current players, although at a ratio slightly higher than advertised (1:5). While I'm not a fan of the quick turnaround from this past year's football. I really do like the Cabrera though, even if it is yet another re-used picture. In this case, it last year's Golden Moments. Also reruns: The Kershaw (2013 Heritage) and the Rizzo (2013 Flagship manupatch). I didn't see any of the others at COMC, but I'm guessing they'll show up with matching pairs as well.
The basketball inserts fall 1:24, and this was the one I pulled. Maybe if Reggie had two bats with him, he'd have  better luck with his attempt to Kill. The. Queen.

That's it for all the baseball inserts, but I did pick up a pack of football at the same time. Anything worthwhile?
A SP of "White Shoes" Johnson! Beautiful! It might not have been one of the Bills in the high numbers, but it is someone with ties to the 3-down game, having played one season with the Alouettes. And seriously, "White Shoes" is one of my favourite nicknames in football.


  1. I hate that Topps used the '85 design in the football set. Blech!

    I think Don Beebe '92 is the only SP on the checklist, right? I badly need one of those for my Bills binder!!

    1. I think there's a Cornelius Bennett as well. If I had to pick two Bills, I probably would have gone for Talley & Tasker, but really can't complain about their choices. Given the Bills performance over the past decade, that's 2 more than I would have expected.

    2. Ah yes, good call! I forgot about the Biscuit. A '93, is it not? A shame Thurman Thomas did not make it into the base checklist.

      We should see an influx of Bills cards over the next year with the recent rookie crop (Manuel, Woods, Rodgers, etc.)

  2. That is a sweet looking Reggie card!