Saturday 8 June 2013

Ah surprise box, it's been too long

It's been a few weeks since Dollarama got a toonie from me in return for a random collection of cards. Time to try it again!

Opening up with a pack of 4 2010s cards. I already had the Matt Hackett card in the mask binder, so what should be the highlight of the pack isn't. I guess I'd vote for the Mason Raymond, since it is the glossy parallel. Still, pretty blah.
The 5 card pack with a guaranteed superstar was much better. I'll guess Eberle is the superstar, but for me the highlight is the Mike Smith card. That's the first Lake Superior State uniform in my binders!
And again, the guaranteed card (in this case, a Hall of Famer in Kurri) is overshadowed by an obscurity. The first Swedish Globe card in my collection. I can't say I know a whole lot about Mikael Johansson, but he'll be a welcome addition to my binders.
And to wrap it up, 8 cards with no connection between them. I don't have a lot of cards of Hawerchuk from his Blues run, so I guess that wins this portion of it.

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  1. As a fan of a team that was formerly part of the CCHA, that Lake St. card puts a smile on my face.