Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A new dollar store opened! Let's try out the repacks!

A new dollar store opened in the area. It's in the same plaza where the post office is that I often send bubble envelopes from, so it is convenient. Yesterday, I was there sending a pair of packages stateside, and noticed the new place!

Hey! Let's look for cards!

The bad news is that the packages were only 10 cards for a dollar. The good news is that there was no junk wax era cards. All the cards were from 2011-12 sets, and were from low-mid range base sets.

Let's dig in!

These were the two visible cards. I thought that at least I'd get two cards for the mask binder, no matter what else was in between.
And in between was a quartet of pinnacle cards. Pinnacle really gave UD a run for their money in terms of photography. The Thornton was one of my favourite photos of the past few years. The Jones one is also perfect, and a great use of the horizontal medium of the set.
The other 4 were from 11-12 Titanium. I really don't like cards where the background is completely gone. However, unlike some other sets (I'm looking in your direction, Artifacts), at least they used something that applied to the team.

Not bad for a dollar. Now do I want quality or quantity when I hit the dollar store?

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