Thursday 27 June 2013

More Fun with Repacks

A couple weeks back, I picked up another 100 card pack from Target. This one was a completely sealed hanging pack, but a sticker on the outside did promise 3 Vintage cards inside. I hadn't bought one of these before, so I grabbed one of them from the hangers, and these are the highlights.

I'll leave the vintage until the end, and I'll start with my favourite card in the pack.

Yes. My favourite card was a minor league card. It's all about the blue uniforms and Quinn Mack's attempt to make them look intimidating. It's from Indianapolis' days an Expos affiliate. Bonus marks for the thankfully defunct cartoon logo in the corner.

I won't say the repack was junk wax intensive, but this was the newest card in the pack. I won't complain though, since although there was numerous cards from that era, it never really got repetitive while thumbing through, excepting a streak of about 10 1990 Score cards in a row.
But when they include a nice bunting photo like on the Oquendo, I won't complain. Other great pictures are the post-play-at-the-plate of Carlos Hernandez, and Shane Mack holding third base like it is a life preserver in the middle of the ocean. Bonus points for the helmet skipping away.
How'd I do for Blue Jays? You're looking at it.
Somewhat better in terms of Mets. I love Alfonzo, but it's hard to hate any card of a pitcher against Wrigley's ivy backdrop.
A nice variety of Hall of Famers in this pack, even if half of them are after their playing days. The Gwynn wins this one handily. That's just a beautiful usage of a fill-bleed photo.
And a pair of cards of someone who is a pretty good candidate to find himself in Cooperstown at one point.

And while Cooperstown will likely not be in Matt Stairs' future, I'll guess enshrinement in St. Mary's will be a certainty. The only Canadian in the pack.
Of course,  there were oddballs.
And some rather unflattering close-ups. Bobby Abreu is fresh off his victory in the Mr. Lumpy Head '98 competition, and Cecil Cooper is just done with filming his Criminal Minds episode. As the unsub of the week, naturally.

For a while, the Cooper was the oldest card in the pack. It wasn't until the end that I spotted the 'vintage' cards.
Not the best, but I won't complain. I'd probably pull the Downing from a dime bin if I found it in one. It's all about the sunglasses from the Brett Somers collection. Any 70s afro card is always a fun find as well. Garman's an airbrush special, and Hargan would find himself airbrushed into Toronto Blue Jays duds for the following season.

If you can't enjoy repacks for a low price, you really aren't trying.


  1. The Hernandez and Mack cards are fantastic! Love the Stadium Club Gwynn as well, I'll have to keep an eye out for that one.

  2. I guess it's better to be wearing glasses from the Brett Somers Collection than from the Charles Nelson Reilly Collection...