Sunday 9 June 2013

Spring Expo Goodies Post #20

Time to dig back into the COMC box for some more goodies.
Opening up with a Willie Stargell from 1981 Donruss. Not an oddball card in the strictest terms, but does feature a rather non-traditional cap sported by Pops. Star. Stargell. It's genius, I say! Genius!
And one appearance of a 1981 Donruss Willie Stargell deserves another.
We had Wrigley Field make an appearance on the Stargell card - time for an interesting pick up featuring a Hall of Famer that played in Wrigley. The yellow portion of the card is clear, and the image on the front appears in inverse on the back. Interesting concept.
Wally Moon might have the most impressive collection of looking hideous on his cards. At least this one doesn't feature a close-up of unibrow.
I mentioned the 13 for $5.00 box in some of my previous posts. I actually ended up pulling two relics out of the box. I'm not an O's fan. I'm not a Brian Roberts fan. But it is hard to turn down this bargain. And hey, maybe an Os fan would want to trade for it at some point.
To wrap up the baseball portion of this post, here's a SP Goodwin of baseball's original juicer! He's in the HOF. There's hope for today's generation!
Gah! Uniforms of the Damned time! I know they were throwbacks, but they're hideous.
And another relic pulled from the previously mentioned box. Gilbert Brule's claim to fame didn't come on the ice, but for the time he picked up a hitchhiker.

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  1. Love the "Star" Stargell card! I have that one in my collection as well.

    As for the other '81 Donruss Stargell, it seems like most of Donruss's shots were taken at Wrigley that year, at least for NL players. I'm not quite sure why.