Wednesday 27 February 2013

Where's this card from?

I picked this one up at a show, since it fits into one of my collections, and it is a bit of an oddball. On the face, it sure looks like a 1986 Diamond Kings card of Kirk Gibson. But there's two things that puzzle me on it. Firstly, it is a mini. It is shorter and wider than a mini you'd find in an A&G release today. Here's the two side by side:
Plus, I can't turn the Gibson over to find out anything else about it, because:
How helpful.

Googling stuff that might help like "diamond kings", 1986, "blank back" brings me no closer to a solution. I was thinking this was some sort of "it came with the bag of potato chips" issue, but I figured I'd throw this one out there to the blogging populace to see what comes up.


  1. Might be from a promo sheet like this

    1. That could be it. It does look a smidgen non-rectangular on the left hand side, so it could be snipped out from that.

  2. My 2010 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards doesnt mention anything about minis. Interesting.

  3. Was it cut from a wax box or other display?

  4. Yeah, that was my thought -- cut from a wax box.