Wednesday 20 February 2013

Goodies from Too Many Verlanders/Manninghams Day 2

Nothin' but the hits!

A quartet of hits were included in the envelope. All welcome entries in my various binders.

Yeah. It's a manufactured/replica/whateveryouwannacallit patch. But it's Gary Carter. Therefore it is a perfect addition to my collection. The best thing is that despite how great it is, it's probably not something that I'd immediately consider adding in my binders, even if I saw it on a table at a show. It stands out quite nicely, and will be a perfect candidate for the front page when I eventually get the Carter binder going.

I was surprised to see a hit of a Michigan alum as part of the trade package. But, it does appear to be a duplicate of one already on his hit page. Much as I love Shields' Boston mask, his San Jose mask is also a prominent favourite in my masks binder. I don't have a lot of autographed cards in there, so this is another nice addition to that binder.
This one will end up in my Jays collection. A great quad bat relic card with two of my favourite recent Jays in Hudson and Delgado. On the back, Josh Phelps and Raul Mondesi. Those two didn't have the most memorable runs in Toronto, but I didn't have any relics of either of them. Considering I'm currently zistling my way to some obscure Jays, so adding relics of them is nice.
Finally, this addition to the Vlad Guerrero binder. A while back, I added the jersey relic version of this card. This one will go right alongside that one in the binder. The replica ticket isn't the best seat available in the stadium. They should have got one from the 101 section - the primo seats behind home plate that I'd get whenever I'd go see the Mets play in Montreal. And more than often, Vlad would break my heart. Section 131 would be killer seats for the Alouettes playoff game in the stadium.

Beautiful cards! I must continue to scour the bins for more Michigan alumni hockey cards! Thanks for these!

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