Thursday 21 February 2013

Trading with an Underdog

The Underdog Card Collector was another one to jump on some of my unwanted 2013 inserts. I also threw in a few random Padres to sweeten the deal. What would head my way in return?

This will seem like a bizarre choice, but this card here was the highlight for me in this package. Back at the Expo in November, I picked up one just like this one, except that it was Frosted Flakes instead of Corn Flakes as the cereal in question at the top. The two cards look great right beside each other on the Seaver page of my Mets binder, in perfect sync with each other as the page moves.

Speaking of Mets:

Two members of the Miracle Mets of '69! YES! Sure, it isn't one of the big cards in the Mets set, but I don't care, and both will be happily inducted over to the vintage portion of my Mets binder.

But that wasn't it for cards from 1969, a pair of Senators wer there as well, and they'll also find themselves at home in one of my misc. binders.

Random, unexpected and awesome. But there were Senators of the Ottawa variety as well, and most notably, yet another Marvin the Martian mask for that binder. I can't get enough of it or its St. Louis, Chicago or Buffalo variants.

Thanks for the great cards, UCC!

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