Thursday 18 November 2021

2021 Chronicles Baseball Box Break - Part 2


What else was in the box? Here's what was in the other three packs:

Pack 4:

While I will always love adding a new card to my 2/14 collection, it is always nicer when one pops out of a pack I personally open. Here's my 6th Yermin card in the binders. I've grabbed the White Sox in a recent 8 box break of this, so I'll have more of his cards to show off shortly.
Let's add a parallel to the bounty of this pack. A shiny ruby red parallel from Phoenix /299.
And my tendency to pack pull autographed cards bound for Ann Arbor continues! At least I continue to load up for that eventual package.  I think Black is another product making its first appearance in Chronicles baseball, and at least this card really does give the vibe that is might be the same at bat, albeit photographed from different angles.
And the rest of the pack. 

Pack 5:
Let the streak of numbered cards continue!
With not only the McKinstry /100, but this hyper parallel /299.
No hit in this pack, but at least the America's Pastime card was a York card.
And it is another pack with more than 8 cards contained within. 

Pack 6:
Not too bad for the final hit of the box, even though there are a lot of Nico Hoerner autographs available on the secondary market. Not that many of them are numbered /10, though. 
And the last batch of non-hits from the pack. The Mario Feliciano is an unnumbered holo parallel, an that Trout was the final card of the box, and that's definitely a solid player to wrap things up with.

And that's the box. It advertised more than 25 iconic brands, and I think I saw 23 of them in the break. Next time, something a little more consistent in terms of design with Elite Extra Edition.


  1. Wow, nice finish to the box! You weren't lying when you said I'd be interested. Thanks for letting me have the Cronenworth!

  2. That was certainly an interesting box! Seems like something I should look into for a future group break - lots of cool stuff possible out of it!

  3. The Soto and the Bryant are my favorites here.

  4. Didn't realize Yermin was a 2-14 guy! He sure had a weird 2021 season, hope he resurfaces in the bigs at some point next year.