Wednesday, 24 November 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 45.3 - Football Hanger

 What was on the side that had 56 instead of 50 cards? 

The great pennant design out of 2018 Classics is a great way to start! I'm still looking for a few cards to finish that set off, BTW. *hint* *hint* (gestures towards set wantlist at the side)

We start off with a streak of 4 straight QBs to open the cards behind it. And look who leads the way! 2/14 baby Drew Bledsoe! That's a need for the collection as well! There's a  couple parallels here. That Pennington is a very obvious one, but that Tolbert is also one of the glossy parallels that score used at the time. There's a HOFer in the middle of it all, and Mike Webster, sadly, was the first former NFLer to be diagnosed with CTE. 
More Bledsoe! More Pennington! And while the former has made his final appearance in this repack, there will be even more of Chad Pennington to come in the final post.  But that's yet another new card for the 2/14 collection. Another 1980 entry as well! The Bates wins the photo war in this batch, with him leaving Otis Smith tackling the air. 
The final grouping - more 2/14 content with Steve McNair! Alas, this is a collection dupe. But there's yet another 1980 entry, along with a card that was sent out already to a Wolverines collector in Ann Arbor. The Vikings content in this portion was really great for providing photos of defenders being left in the dust, as it does so with the Kyle Rudolph.

There you have it! Another 28 more for the final post!


  1. Bledsoe from the first group. Honorable mention for Webster.

    James Brooks from the second group. Honorable mention for Bledsoe.

    Dwight White wins the third group and the batch. Honorable mention for McNair.

    Fun post.

  2. Lots of Junk Gems in these, the photo on that Pennington Ultra gets me every time.