Wednesday 10 November 2021

Commence the Scottie Barnes PC!

 While the hanger box break wasn't the jump start to collecting the Raptors rookie, I was fortunate on a group break. It was a 4-box random of the product, and fortunately for me, the randomizer landed on the Raptors. And fortunately for one of my trade partners, my second spot landed on the Trail Blazers spot.

And it looks like a couple of rookie relic cards will be heading out west in a future mailer. Along with a couple more Greg Brown base cards.
But let's see the Scottie Barnes PC starter collection. I like that all the cards have different photos on them. The Gala would be an excellent pull out of the professional versions of Chronicles, but they're just regular base cards in the NCAA release, albeit very nice looking ones.
And while I didn't get myself a hit of Scottie Barnes in this, I did land a blue /99 parallel. 
But getting the Raptors slot means I got the chance at cards featuring some of their other rookies, and here is the first relic card for them in this post, featuring second rounder David Johnson.
And here's an autograph as well! Champagnie (pronounced SHAM-pen-ny) was undrafted, but he's seen the court this season already. The only other Raptors rookie not seen in this product is Dalano Banton, but seeing as he's also getting a lot of court time, he'll probably show up eventually. It will be nice to eventually get a card of the first player from Toronto to be drafted by the team.
I also got into a team-select as well of the new Recon product. It is a nice looking product, and I did land the complete base set of the team. I also got these two parallels of it, and they also give my first look at the purple/black alternates on cardboard. They work so perfectly with this design, and are also their only appearance in the product.
And here's some inserts as well. Any appearance of the trophy automatically makes a card great, and I love that I can still get DeRozan cards on the Raptors in recent releases. 

There you have it!


  1. LOL the spelling of Justin Champagnie's last name makes me think of Zapp Brannigan!

  2. I drafted Scottie Barnes on my fantasy team this year on a whim and have not been disappointed so far.