Monday, 29 November 2021

Chronicling Jays

More team select goodies from Chronicles. Toronto didn't bring the volume of the White Sox spot, but was still pretty solid with the content. Such as this America's Pastime insert of Cavan Biggio.
Still, the players that appeared on the whole really didn't bring much variety. With this Nate Pearson, you've already seen half of the players that made up this break's Toronto content.
But at least Alek Manoah had more than 1 insert appearance. The Magnitude brings some acetate to the break, and the Titan is one of the Holo Prizm parallels.
You'd expect Vlad Guerrero Jr to be all over the Toronto portion of the insert sets, and you'd be right. Here's 4 of his cards. And if you like that Certified card in the lower right of this four-pack,
it does look really nice in gold. 
Perhaps you want some swatch with your Vladdy. 
We don't only re-visit players seen prior when the autographs start, such as Elite providing me with my second Pearson auto in the PC, joining a Bowman's Best auto from 2017. 
And here's my first Alek Manoah autograph as I revisit Zenith for his. It is interesting that this sticker has his old jersey number as part of his autograph. 47 was the number he sported prior to reaching the bigs, where he switched to 6. It looks like once the stickers run out, #6 will be here to stay.

There you have it! There was some very solid content for both teams, but I'll give the slight nod to the White Sox, but I do reserve the chance to change it should the Colas auto not come through as an on-card sig.

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  1. Great looking stuff and nice hit especially on the Pearson!