Monday, 1 November 2021

Mailed Mets


And now, the Mets portion of the Ann Arbor mailer. 

If you're going to get an award-winner card for a member of your favourite team, it is hard to beat when that award is a World Series MVP card. 
A sampling of the base Mets. 
And some shininess. While that Mark Clark may not be super blinding, it is a refractor. 
The hits portion begin with some more press proofs from 1997. As with the Jays content, these are limited print, but not serial numbered. Baerga is /2000, while the Wilson is a gold press proof /500.
There's more of this one than those ones, but this one has a serial number attached to it. Cerda came out of the bullpen for a couple season in '02 and '03.
Mini-relic! OK, maybe not a mini in the A&G sense, but still smaller than your standard card by a bit.

Prospect Premiums just seems like the most forced alliteration ever. Nice looking card though.
Two swatches. Two different colours. That's all I ask.
And why not the best of both worlds to wrap this up? I still can't come across cards of Lucas Duda without having the urge to start singing Camptown Races ala Foghorn Leghorn. This remains true even after Lucas' MLB career ended. Still.

All I have left is some miscellany, which will be covered before the week is out. There you have it!

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  1. What is the first picture? Some kind of test pressing?