Friday 5 November 2021

A Hall of Famer's Autograph! (And other inserts)

 I've shown off some of the base cards in my hobby box of Update. What else (other than what is described in the title) was in it? 

I'll start with the box topper of Chrome-ness. 
If I'm gonna get a parallel, it might as well be in the team colours. The shiny blue beauty is /149.
Here's the standard 1986s from the packs. That Reggie, with the classic Oakland uniform is the easy winner in this group, even against a lineup that includes Trout and Jeter.
Not numbered, but these are rare enough to fall 1:315 packs. It is even better when one of these tougher pulls end up as a hit for the team PC. 
Even more plentiful are the All-Star insert card. Which don't even include photos from the game this year. While that does mean there's some nice photos like on those horizontal cards, it does kinda defeat the purpose of this set. The backs don't even say anything about the game. They just recap their first half stats as "All-Star Game Creds". Zzzzzzzz.
Off to parallels, here are some 1:10 packs silvers. 
And some 1:14 /2021 golds. Nice to see that Franchy photo make a second appearance.
Unlike with the Series 2 box, I didn't get any /10 clear parallels. The lowest I'd get in this was this Independence Day /76 parallel of Wilson Ramos in the snow. 
For the insert set whose name is almost shared with a blog's title, there's the Topps Cards That Never Were. As the name would hint at, it shows what a player's solo rookie card might look like if it appeared in an earlier season. It's only 10 cards, so it is the one I'm most likely to make an effort to complete. 
The 70 Years of Topps inserts continue. 
As do the Platinum Players die-cuts. Griffey, Robinson and Stargell? What a group!
I promised a HOF autograph, and here it is. Baseball Stars might be the most generic name ever given to an insert set, but if that's my only complaint about this card, that is a good one to have. After finally getting a redemption of Cavan come through, I've got another father-and-son combination of autographs, joining a pair of Acuñas and Vladdys. I love that the photo used is from the early stages of Biggio's career as well, making it pair even nicer with the Cavan. Maybe I should throw in a Conor auto as well (they are inexpensive enough) to complete the family tree.

Either way, that's a keeper!

And there you have it!


  1. The last cards, from Ramos to Biggio - solid! Get that Conor!

  2. I saw the Bench before, but it still stands out to me. Not in a good way. I love the idea and I'll chase the set down, but that image just doesn't sit right. The image and the set it's depicted on just don't look to fit right. Congrats on the Biggio. I've never pulled a decent auto in my years, nevermind a HOF.

  3. Hmmm..father and son autographs. I know I have Mookie and Preston Wilson; in fact, I have a trifecta (auto, relic, and rookie card) of both. I can't think of any other, though.

  4. Yeah, Biggio wins it of course.

    Like the Banks and the DeGrom.

  5. Wilson Ramos, still with the Tigers in Update despite being gone from the team since late June! Very nice Biggio auto, though, and I'm glad you got a nice Mets card to go with it. May I please ask if the Cronenworth might be available whenever you send another envelope my way? I may have found a Stanley Johnson for you in return!