Tuesday, 23 November 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 45.2 - Football Hanger


What was on the reverse of the first part of this? Let's start off with this Prizm card.

Behind it? That Gurley is coming off his MVP season in 2017. He's gone from that, to completely out of the league. The drop-off can come quickly for RBs. I really don't have too many "receiving the snap/holding for the kick" cards in the PC. 
The Star Rookies content continues here. Kevin Walter was a 7th rounder, and managed a ten year NFL career, which is pretty notable for the 255th overall pick. None of those games were with the Giants, though. More 1980 content as well! 
Bills content! WOO-HOO! I'll just ignore what happened this past Sunday. The almost finale, Gibran Hamdan, is another interesting entry to the ol' PC. He was the first player of Pakistani descent to play in an NFL game. 
But that card was only the almost finale, as I figured that all 3 of the UD cards had more interesting photos on the back of the card as opposed to the ones chosen to the front. The one through the net has to be even rarer as a card image than what was used on the front. The greatness that is the punter card!

There you have it!

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