Monday, 15 November 2021

2/14s at the Expo

 Today, the 2/14 content I picked up at the show.

While I already showed off this Ryan McKenna card when I pulled it from my hobby box of Update, I did need a second one for the 2/14 collection, and here it is.

That Yermin Mercedes in the lower corner also made an appearance in the hobby box, in the first pack, in fact. So that was the second one I needed, but I did get a few more to keep it company. The Fire entry probably wins this battle though, since the design goes perfectly with the retro uniform in the photo. The Optic is also a nice "what licensing?" pic as well. 
I think I'll keep this Bledsoe in the pack, even though I'm certain I have the coin around somewhere to go inside the hole on the card. The 49ers logo is on the Steve Young card behind it. Oh yes, and PACKERS! PACKERS! WOOO! PACKERS WON!
Although there will be more basketball content in the more generic post to come, here's the only 2/14 card I got, as the Rip Hamilton portion continues to grow.

But here's your big winner, as I added 13 Steve McNairs to that collection. Amazingly, I didn't access my list while I was there, and all 13 of these were new to the collection. I like these odds! 

There you have it!

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