Tuesday, 2 November 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 44 - Surprising Baseball


Let's do one of these today!

With these as the contents!
Looks like clockwise-from-upper-left means that I lead with the hit this time. And here it is! Not the most spectacular one, but a hit is a hit, even if it is a plain gray swatch.
While Billy Hamilton is a fine player, it is somewhat of a stretch to consider him a superstar. Nice Wrigley Icy on his card, however. The Scherzer Gold Label is a slightly rarer black parallel. 
The 12 card pack is, as usual, all over the place. All 3 of my team collections make one appearance, but that Martinez gets the nod for the best card in this grouping, as well as the entire repack, for being a food issue, and being a team history card. You also get an insert set with Glove Stories, and even some mid-range sets with Showcase and Finest also appearing. Randomness rules!
If you're opening Premier, that's the card you wanna see.
And here's what accompanied it.

Finally, the Pitchers Pack, which was the more consistently interesting one of the group. 1990 Upper Deck brings a pair of interesting photos, with one of the more obvious Spring-Training photos ever to appear on cardboard. There's more Wrigley Ivy, and some Heritage Minors too. Even that final card is interesting...
based on the story appearing on the back of the card.

There you have it!

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  1. -That is a Frank Thomas from '91 I dont have...lol...I like these repacks they look like they are fun to open....