Sunday 28 November 2021

Yermin Hunting

With Yermin Mercedes being one of the more common rookies in 2021 Chronicles, I decided to take a  chance on the White Sox in an eight box group break of the product. What cards would be added to my 2/14 collection?
These ones! Acetate to a more traditional cardboard to foil to shiny, there was a little bit of everything in this, as my Yermin collection hits 10 cards already with exactly half of those come from this Chronicles release. 
Still, Yermin's 4 entries don't even come close to the number of Luis Robert cards I landed. Gold Standard really translates nicely into the baseball category. 
Overdrive did provide me with the only numbered base parallel in this. Overdrive is the 'new' thing in this release. It is OK, but I really have to curb my desire to shorten the set's name to the somewhat tactless 'OD'.
Non-Robert, non-Yermin cards. 
Were there hits? Of course there were! His signature might be abbreviated, but it really pops nicely on the dark background in the silver ink. 

But if I  want to see how the gold ink looks on it,  I guess I'll have to wait. Colas in a Cuban defector who is a free agent , but since most indications are that he will sign with the White Sox, this redemption went in my direction. Which would be a bummer for some other team owner if he ends up signing elsewhere. When this comes through, I'll have an on-card auto /25 of the prospect.

Should he sign with Toronto, it will also have ended up in the correct hands, as I also picked up the Jays in this and will have some cards from them to show off next post. 

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