Saturday 16 November 2019


Just one more pre-written post before I start the Expo recap. This one isn't the traditional redemption post, but instead covers a pair of cards I picked up with a growing pile of Panini points I had, and still have.
I really didn't know which order to go for these two cards, so I just went alphabetically. I was very surprised and happy to see an on-card autograph of Jamal Murray as one of the available cards. It is a gimmicky card, done in a die-cut jersey format, but it is my first on-card auto of the local kid. I'll have a bunch more Murrays, albeit without autos, when I return to my COMC to-be-posted box.
And here's the other one! As I have said in the past, I cheered for the Celtics prior to the Raptors coming into existence, and still cheer for them when their success won't have a negative effect on the Raptors. There were 5 autos I have wanted for my Celtics collection: Bird, McHale, Parish, Russell, and Paul Pierce. This finally completes my fivesome.


I'm glad I held on to my points in enough to get these two cards, and I've still got enough for a second spree.

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  1. Awesome autos! I'd love to see that Celtics starting five.