Thursday 28 November 2019

Expo Hockey Miscellany

The Expo goodies posts are drawing to a close, with hockey taking its natural place with the most singles acquisitions. These here are the cards that I picked up for 'cool card' reasons, as opposed to being for my varied PCs.
Even though it is not vintage, I couldn't pass up a chance to add a card of the one-and-done Philadelphia Quakers to my collection. That net behind Cude looks huge in comparison to the netminder, and it must have felt that way, as they went a ghastly 4-36-4 in their only season.

Normally, this card would be part of a Legends subset, but since this is Crown Royale, it is a Regents card.
An inexpensive relic of a HOFer? Why not?
As for this, this does include my favourite type of background photo for cards that choose to remove it from the actual photo - a cityscape.
Two Crown Royale cards in the same post! Upper Deck really does need to borrow (read: rip off) the Scratching the Surface design. It is so nice for a card that is sorta of a sticker graph, but isn't a sticker graph, but still sorta is.
Like I'm going to leave a card of a guy named Lennart Petrell behind.
Random auto-acquisition #1. I'm not sure why, since I already have at least one auto of his previously. Maybe it was the Caps uniform?
Why not add a Trevor Linden auto to my collection? He's in that realm of guys (Roenick, Verbeek) who you'd figure were in the Hall of Fame, but are somewhat surprised they aren't, but if they get in when they need a fourth some year it wouldn't be a shock.
Now here is a Hall of Famer. This autograph comes from the Goodwin Champions-ish ITG release Canadiana. I've also used this to add autos of Trish Stratus and Chantal Kreviazuk to my collections, so why not use it to add a HOFer's sig as well?
And sometimes, you just need a card with a Latvian flag on it. At more than 4 times as many games than all other Latvian-born players combined, he's easily the best choice for a world-themed card.
Let's end it with Rocket Richard looking like a total bad ass in acetate form.


  1. Killer haul there! The leadoff and final cards are my favorite. Those Sub-Zero inserts are surprisingly rare, that's an awesome pick-up on that Richard!

  2. Everything in this post is a winner. I can't decide which I think is the most interesting card...there's too many options.

    I'm probably going to end up getting a passport just so I can do this show, eventually. OK, and visit the ancestral home in Nova Scotia.

  3. Sweet pickups! Scratching the Surface autographs are awesome! And what hockey autograph collector doesn't appreciate some old school Be A Player autographs.

  4. How Linden and Roenick are not in the Hall confuses me. I guess you could argue against Roenick (weak argument), but Linden?