Tuesday 26 November 2019

Expo Hoops and Gridiron Goodies

I was going to split my basketball and football singles in separate posts, but then realized that when it came to cards for those collections that I was planning to keep - I only had 5 cards left to show off. So, here are the five of them.
Throwback uniform awesomeness! I don't care that Wheaton isn't in the league any more, or that this is a numbered parallel - all that matters to me is that this has the bumblebee jersey, complete with matching socks.
Tommy was a 7th rounder of the Bills in the past draft, and he hasn't seen much action. But he did make an unlicensed auto appearance, so I think I've finally wrapped up my acquiring of cards from the most recent draft class.
I'll head back to  Pennsylvania for the first of three basketball cards, this banner insert coming from 2012 Past and Present. In an interesting design quirk, the white of the banner is some sort of fuzzy material. Which is so perfect for a banner card.
Vintage! And a nice look at the Buffalo jerseys as well.
And if I'm going to limit myself to only one basketball hit, I might as well make it a sweet two-colour patch of The Dream coming out of 2008 Sportkings. Licensing, shmicensing.

There you have it! Baseball next!

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  1. Those 70's basketball cards are so odd, why were they photographed in a hallway? I think there are some hockey singles like that, too.

    Also, nice Hakeem patch!