Wednesday 27 November 2019

Baseball at the Expo

While most of my baseball singles purchases involved putting some finishing touches on my Heritage High Numbers/Minors sets, there were a few others I grabbed, with only of these going beyond the $1 mark.
Acetate. Die-cut. Hall of Famer. Seems like a fun way to start a post!
Do I need to justify picking up an autograph of a guy named "Tripper"? I hope not.
Blue Jays stuff, as expected, was overpriced at the Expo. But I did add one card to my collection of a former farmhand. And even if I didn't add this to my Jays collection, I could also add this to my penmanship collection.
A Mets relic from Upper Deck during their "We'll just obscure the logo. What could go wrong?" phase.
Let's throw in a bat relic as well, this time with far more legal backing. A HoJo sliver!
While it doesn't look like he'll see the big leagues, at least as a Met, at least this is a nice little oddball autograph from a holiday set for my collection.
And at least Alex saw the big leagues. For one season in a Mets uniform. He'd play elsewhere for 3 more seasons, making him the most successful of the autograph subjects in this post.

There you have it! Two days of hockey left to end this recap!

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  1. HoJo relic! I don't think I've seen any post-career cards of him.