Monday 22 October 2018

One Card Only: Slithery Penmanship

I've got scans done for pair of a trade posts, for my 2/14 collection and another RA box. But, I'm lazy today regarding actually typing stuff up.

So, I'll hit the hobby box of 2018 Topps WWE Heritage I busted, and show off the autograph from the box. This is a silver parallel /25 from the Big Legends Autographs portion of the set. The sig itself is gorgeous as well - I just love the snaky nature of the last 'S'.

There you have it! Maybe I'll have more get-up-and-go next time.


  1. Sweet autograph to pull. Jake Roberts was great back in the day and sad to watch in "Beyond The Mat".

  2. This is indeed a sweet signed card! I love it!

  3. Sweet pull! Loved watching him wrestle back in the day.

  4. my sis and I were into wresting back in the early 80s. The Fantastics and Rock N Roll Express were more our style tho.