Friday 12 October 2018

2018 Chronicles Box Break - Packs 4, 5 and 6

What was hiding in the other 3 packs?

Pack 4:
No hit in the pack, so it gives up the second Spectra card of the break. Both were the pink parallels /75. That's one of three numbered cards. Aside from the obvious Arrieta, the Ryan McMahon green parallel is /50. Devers doubles up for another dupe player pack in this box.

Pack 5:
More double players in this one, but it is one of the product's cover boys. Cornerstones looks really nice with the on-card autograph, and that's a Quartz parallel.

Pack 6:
It is appropriate that this ends with a Brian Anderson, as he's been all over products this year. The final non-hit numbered parallel is the the blue Select of Devers, which is /150. Cornerstones makes another appearance with the final hit of the box. This patch is Marble parallel /10.

And that's a box of Chronicles. This is a really fun product, with nice looking hits to go with a lot of variety.

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