Sunday 7 October 2018

If At First You Do Succeed...

then it can't hurt to try again.

Two weeks ago, it looked like the Bills would get splattered on their trip into Minnesota. I made a Bills themed post that day, and they surprised everybody with a victory. Today, they face the Titans. While it doesn't look as bad on paper for Buffalo as the Vikes game, I still want to make an effort with another Bills post.

Today, some cards from a group break of 2018 XR.
Here's the only two regular base cards I got. I love designs where the team logo is in the background. Since McCarron's only Bills appearances were in the pre-season, I guess that counts as a zero year card (tm. Nick @ Dime Boxes)
Here's the only base parallel that went my way. But it is a nice one with the blue background working nicely with the logo. I'm really excited for Edmunds, perhaps even moreso than Josh Allen. The Bills have a respectable history for 1st round draft pick out of Virginia Tech.
Speaking of Josh Allen, here's three of his relics.
And here's another 3 relics, with Josh and two of his teammates.
But if I'd rather have one numbered 68/99 instead of 28/99, I have that option.

And there you go! Now if you'll excuse me, there's a card table with my name on it that I have to set on fire and jump through.

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