Sunday, 6 May 2018

Expo Recap - Post #1 - A (N)Ice start

And the recap portion of the Expo gets underway in full after a teaser yesterday. For some, you'll have to wait until they show up on other blogs, but I still got a few goodies for myself. I'll start off the recap over the next few days with some boxes I busted.
My first box of the day was the newest UD release, 17-18 Ice.
Here's an example of the base cards, in all their acetate-ness. He also made an appearance in Platinum, so this isn't my first Matt Duchene Sens card.
The card backs are what you'd expect. The reversed photo is a nice touch.
As advertised on the box, I landed two Ice Premieres base cards, spread out over 2 levels. The higher a card is numbered, the less hyped the rookie is. Poturalski is Level 5, while Dunn is a Level 3.
A third Ice Premieres card? That's not what the box advertised? Oh wait. This isn't a base card. This is a black foil parallel and, as you see on the side, that's also a 1 of 1! The black parallels are also the only parallels among the Ice Premieres. Dubois is considered a Level 1 rookie, so his regular cards are out of 99.

I've already sold this on ebay. It didn't just cover the cost of the box, but did cover the cost of the afternoon at the Expo and all the goodies I picked up on Friday. And the cost of admission. And transportation. And still a little bit left over.
Here's insert #4.
You're promised an on-card autograph, and either an Exquisite card or a relic card in the box. I landed the former, with a numbered base card out of Exquisite. I like this better than a plain white swatch.
More Exquisite with the autograph. This is actually an update from last year's release. Zacha was one of the more hyped rookies entering 16-17, but really has yet to pan out at a level worthy of being a 6th overall selection.

But still there's more. If you busted the box of Ice at the Expo, you got a bonus pack with two Midnight parallels from Series 2, as well as an extra insert. Let's check that out too!
First up, a pretty nice name to get a low numbered parallel of, and combined with a multiple image on the card itself.
Not quite the name on #2, but an interesting photo as well as Wennberg is named one of the three stars of that particular game.
And from an auto of a pretty hyped rookie going into this past season. And he's met expectations with a solid rookie season. This is a sticker autograph, but the design of the card does a good job of hiding it.

And there you have it! Up next, a box of personal favourite 13-14 Rookie Anthology.


  1. That Dubois 1 of 1 is one killer pull! All this just from buying one box? That's amazing. Congrats!

  2. Congratulations on pulling the Dubois! Gotta love it when one card covers the cost of the box and then some.