Friday, 11 May 2018

Expo Recap - Post #6 - Non-Hockey Randomness

Of course, the most of my acquisitions at the Expo would be hockey related, but I did add a few non-hockey goodies to my collections.
A seller had some of the Panini Instant Super Bowl cards for the Eagles from this past season. Naturally, I had to hunt out a new Alshon for my 2/14 binder. This is his 62nd card in the collection. Limited to only 5714 copies too!
A vintage photo on a National Treasures card for only $1? Sounds fine by me!
A baseball card of a football player?
The back of the card does hint that he might find his fame in another sport. Anybody who wanted to collect card of Russell Wilson early would have to wait until 2012 before his football cards would hit the market.
And the rest was appropriate for a show on Canadian soil - 70's O-Pee-Chee! I did pick a bunch more up that will be sent out in trade packages over the next while, but these 9 were my keepers. 6 of the 9 have Mets content, in part or in full. As for the other ones, there's a couple guys with good careers on the Rookie Infielders cards in DeCinces and Trillo. I've already got the Topps version of the Pinch Runner Washington card, so why not add the OPC? In the middle of it all is the 8th Will McEnaney card for the 2-14 collection.

Nothing but hockey the rest of the way home!

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  1. Love seeing two-sport guys on trading cards. Danny Ainge, John Elway, Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan, Deion Sanders, and now Russell Wilson. Great stuff.