Thursday 24 May 2018

Snagging a Photographic White Whale

After seeing it while browsing through sold items at COMC, this card became a must-have for having one of the strangest photographic choices I'd ever seen on a card.

I finally dropped the must portion of that, as it is now a have.
This might be the least-flattering photo ever used on a card. Either the person that selected this is completely unfamiliar with hockey, or there's something more patriotic involved.

Stadion is a Czech company that produced multi-sport sets. Josef is Slovakian. Was this photo selected by someone who still harbours some sort of grudge about their neighbours/former countrymen? That seems as likely a reason as any.

Either way, this is still spectacular.


  1. That... is... glorious! Josef certainly doesn't have any friends at Stadion.

  2. Is he getting whacked up against the glass there?