Tuesday 1 May 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 17 - There's Value to Cubism

Time for another one of these cubes.
This was the third one of these I've busted and the 65 random cards were probably the dullest of the bunch. 1/3 1990 Bowman. 1/3 2008 Victory. 1/3 2012 Score. But at least there was a Gretzky among the Bowmans.
There was at least one decent rookie card among each of the others. But, pretty bland and uninteresting on the whole.

The packs were the same as in the previous ones as well, 1 07-08 Ultra, 4 12-13 Score, 1 15-16 S2 and 1 16-17 S1. Let's see if they can make it so the cube itself isn't the best thing about the repack. As before, I'll do this chronologically.
Pretty standard Ultra pack. 4 base cards and a gold parallel.
Ditto for the Score packs. Base cards and the gold parallel.
An OPC Update card was the insert in the 15-16 pack of S2.
And the 16-17 pack produced a Andrew Hammond Hamburglar mask card for that binder. While nice, this probably means the cube was the more valuable than all the cards in the pack...

Wait a second. I forgot something. There was also this:
While I won't call it my favourite repack pull (It is a Leafs card, after all), it has to be the most valuable. It is probably a keeper as well, unless I can turn it into something I really want.


  1. The cube may have been a one card cube, but wow - what a card!

  2. Insane. Congratulations!

  3. Dude...and I thought that Kyle Turris card was the best thing out of the cube but pulling a Matthews YG? That's awesome!!!