Tuesday 18 April 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 11 - A legendary mullet.

Even Jaromir Jagr himself would bow down in appreciation of this one. Party in the back for days!

And the best thing is, there were 14 more cards accompanying this one! The notables (at least for me):
The outdoor game card, with the accompanying toque, was the reason I got this one. Team Canada cards are always fun additions to my misc. binder, especially the more obscure cards from the women's team. The front of Barry's card doesn't give a hint as to how spectacular the back will be. Emerald parallels and signature series base cards don't show up that often. I like the compact photo on the McCarthy. That's the second straight Top Prospects game card in one of these repacks. And even the junk wax added two cards to my Rangers alum binder. That's a mighty fine dollar!

The second of the two hangers was't nearly as amazing, but still had a few interesting cards:
I grabbed this for the Landeskog that ended up as the 3rd Rangers alum of this break. How did Mogilny spend 3 years with the Leafs, yet I still blanked on his entire stint in Toronto? The backs of 1993 Leaf must always be highlighted, and a goal-scoring celebration from Domi is a fine final card for this post.

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  1. Serious 80's "do" and a serious flex on Landeskog's stick. And I dig the old school looking Leaf's sweater.