Sunday 9 April 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 9

After being busy with box breaks over the past week and a half, back to my old friend the repack. Up first, the Dollarama double feature of a surprise bag and a $1 hanger. Starting with the cheaper of the two.
2010 ITG Heroes & Prospects - Erik Karlsson - The reason I went for this one. Erik was already with the big club at this time, so he's more Hero than Prospect here.
1991 7IS - John Spoltore
1990 OPC - Mark Messier - Hall of Famer #1
1990 Pro Set - Laurie Boschman
1990 Bowman - Dino Ciccarelli - Hall of Famer #2
1991 Score Traded - Andrew Cassels - This design looks really nice with the Whalers uniform.
1991 OPC - Randy Moller
2004 Top Prospects Game - Cam Barker - I had no idea this was even an insert set. My first of these!
2001 Heritage - Brian Leetch - Another fun set that doesn't make enough repack appearances. Also, Hall of Famer #3.
2008 OPC - Zach Stortini
1991 UD - Rick Wamsley
1992 Parkhurst - Dmitri Kvartlanov - And an international rising star nonetheless.
1991 Topps - Patrick Roy - Hall of Famer #4.
1990 Pro Set - Mike Richter
1991 Score - Pat Elyniuk
2015 UD - Jordan Staal

I wanted the Karlsson. All else is a bonus, and the Leetch, Barker and Cassels were nice bonuses.

The Suprise Bag contained:

1990 Score Pack
2008 Victory Pack
2000s Pack
Original 6 Pack

The Score pack contained nothing of note.
I've already put this base set together, so I was hoping for an insert I didn't have previously. The Kovalchuk counted there.
2 of the 3 2000s cards were throwback designs, and all three such cards in this post were from different companies. How can one not love a design based on 1971-72 OPC?
And only one of the cards in the Original 6 pack was a junk wax card, and 2 of the three others are pretty recognizable names. That was Lidstrom's last card from OPC before being a part of the veterans portion of future sets. Not quite on par with his 2012 UD base, but still nice.

I have no complaints about this. A solid grouping from this trip to the Dollarama.

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  1. That is the worst Original 6 pack you could get. Four cards of crap.