Saturday 8 April 2017

It Came With the GQ Boxes - Part 3

And the boxes come to an end with this one. Mostly retail with this, there are 15 base cards in the box (or 14 and 1 parallel) and one on-card auto. The base set is 65 cards (1 for each year of Topps, with each year getting a card design).
First out is the 1975 card, and it is appropriate...
since all the card backs use the 1975 design.
Here's the rest of the base cards. All are reprinted fronts throughout the set, which is appropriate. I like the obscurity of some of the choices, but that does fit the Archives theme with the fan favourites. Both Cruz Sr. and Jr. in the same set? Nice.

And the auto. It is someone you've seen already in this post.
Sandy Jr! and yes, Sandy Sr. also has a base card and autograph in this set for the family tree collectors.

And that's my latest bunch of goodies from blowout! There might be more later this month as this year has been really good to me in terms of COMC Challenges.

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