Monday 24 April 2017

Stacks of Wax - April 2017 - Part 5

2014-15 Threads was a Target Exclusive that I'll just assume blowout bought unsold inventory of. These boxes have 6 packs with 10 cards each. 7 of them are standard base cards, and the other 3 are inserts/parallels/SPs/whatever. 4 hits are also in each box.
Here's the first base card out. The non-SP portion of the set just mixes legends in with the current players. I do like the faux-patch look on the borders, just because it fits the name of the set perfectly. Nice photo choice too with the length of the court visible behind the HOFer.
And the rest of the base. Not much here, but the alternate Mavs jersey is pretty nice.
Here are the inserts. My first hit of the box goes directly into my secondary team collection of Celtics. An alternate jersey in die-cut form? Why not?
Pack 2 starts with a second legend, with the Human Highlight Film showcasing one of the dunks that helped him earn that nickname. My other favourite here is the Evan Fournier, just for an angle on the photo that one doesn't see much of on basketball cards. Plays around the basket usually get a shot from either the glass or directly underneath.
How can I complain when the inserts include a Bill Russell? The Anderson is a SP'd base card, and has a slight leather-y feel to it. Finally, the Hill is a red parallel to /99.
The base in pack 3 is highlighted by a perfect angle on the Klay Thompson to place the Warriors scoreboard logo almost in the top-middle section of the card. Maybe 3 backboard photos are too many for a single pack.
And your inserts here. The on-acetate auto of #2 pick Jabari Parker should pay for the box. That's always nice to do with a single card. The other inserts are keepers, with the logo in the background on the Gasol, and the Jones is my first Utah Stars card in my collection.

3 more packs next time!

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