Sunday 16 April 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 10.3 - Memories of Repacks Past

Wrapping up this repack.

1990 Fleer - Pierce Holt, Christian Okoye, Tim Manoa, Mark Kelso, Pete Holohan, Bubby Brister, Erik Howard, Bob Golic, Mark Duper, Chris Doleman, Seth Joyner, Mike Kenn, Dan Majikowski, Jim Dombrowski, Brad Muster
Okoye gets scanned simply because I loved the nickname 'Nigerian Nightmare'. A Bills card also appears. The scans wrap up with a pair of 'rare for 2017, not so much for 1990' OL guys.

1991 Score S1 - Mike Mularkey, Jerry Ball, Ferrell Edmunds, Dan Saleaumua, Dan Mosebar, Sam Clancy, Riki Ellison, Bruce Matthews, Mike Prior, Roger Craig, Reggie White, Jeff Herrod, Gary Anderson, Joey Browner, Dalton Hilliard, Bruce Armstrong,
We start with a future Bills coach, followed my another position you don't see much in 2017, nose tackles. Some more OL cards end it, along with a grea photo of Jeff Herrod ready to pounce.

2011 Score - Terrell Thomas, Jason Campbell, Fred Jackson, Marshawn Lynch, Matt Schaub ITZ, Kris Durham, Joe Thomas (Glossy)
Another Bills card and glossy OL parallel. Not bad. Schaub hasn't been In The Zone for a few seasons now.

2013 Prestige - Christian Ponder, Malcolm Floyd, Darren Sproles, Percy Harvin, Terrance Williams, Aaron Dobson, Scott Chandler, JJ Watt, Andy Dalton, Jonathan Baldwin
At least there was a Bills card in the final, none-too-exciting pack. I wish the Tickets insert looked more like a ticket (ala Contenders), but its OK as the second most interesting (to me) card in this.

And there you go! And I still have about a half dozen Target remnants repacks to post.

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