Thursday 27 April 2017

Stacks of Wax - April 2017 - Part 8

After a short NOW break, back to the shipment, and a lot of 10 Black Friday Football packs.
2 cards per pack, but a limited checklist make for good odds at some good names.
A base card and a parallel start the packs. Topps flagship wasn't the only product last year to use the smoke effect on the border. The Cutler is an angular parallel.
2 packs. 2 John Elway base cards, That's not how I wanted this to start.
Pack 3 contains my first card from the Panini Collection inserts, which usually feature more interesting photographs. This time we get the pink clad Le'Veon Bell clad in breast cancer pink. My favourite card from this break came from this subset, and that will show up in the next post.
WOO-HOO! Santa Hat relic! Yes, I'm odd enough to love these things.
And here's the final of the first 5. Smallwood will be sent off the Matt @ Bob Walk the Plank at some point. The Kuechley is actually a dupe from a group break that included some packs of this. That makes 2 dupes over 8 packs. Collation!
5 more to go, including one more non-Santa hat hit and my favourite card from this portion of the break.

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  1. That Santa hat relic is cool... and Tennessee's offense should be pretty solid this season.