Sunday 30 April 2017

Stacks of Wax - April 2017 - Part 11

My last post of April will be the last post covering the latest COMC Credit --> Blowout credit exchange, as I wrap up Opening Day 2017.
And to start off, a case hit. Actually, this is more than a case hit, as these fall at a rate of 1 every 1169 packs. Autographs and relics are actually easier pulls in this than this card. Yay?
Mr. Met!
And despite twitter handles disappearing from the back of the base cards, you can still find them on the back of selected mascot cards. Considering the bio describes his 40K (now 43K + 1) followers, it is appropriate here.
Of the remaining mascot cards I pulled, only the generic "Mascot" and Fredbird lack a twitter presence. I wonder how many of them get asked the Strong Baddish question about typing with boxing gloves on. These are among the more common per box, as I got 11 of them in this, counting Hank's appearance yesterday.
I liked the food cards from last year's Champ's better than this. Mainly because they don't try to make the unhealthy greatness that is poutine even somewhat healthy by adding cauliflower to the mix.
The Superstar Celebrations inserts. Just like with Mascots, I landed 11 of these (the Edwin from yesterday's post, and a dupe of Adam Eaton from a Walmart hanger). This likely marks the last appearance of David Ortiz in an Opening Day release. While a lot of the photos are the same, that Baez is really nice and stands out as such.
I guess there can be such a thing as too much text on the front of the card.
Blue parallels! At least I landed a Mets card.
And finally, a 1 per box insert. Not only are they still moving away from the Sportsflicsish backgrounds they used in the past, these actually feel thinner than the regular base cards in the set.

But, I got all I expected from the break. It is kinda depressing that a corny insert turns out to be the card that should be the one to take a bite out of the cost of the box, but that's the way things went this time.

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