Monday 3 April 2017

2017 Gypsy Queen 2 Box Break - Part 4

Let's bring this home with all the goodies from the second box.
Here's your box topper from the second one. If Condition Sensitive doesn't pull this from his two boxes, this will probably be on its way to Saskatchewan soon.
Fortune Teller inserts.
And the Hand-Drawn Art cards. Zack looks especially derpy.
I'll hit the autographed inserts at the end, so it is off to the parallels. Here are the missing backplates. A couple good names here, but the Bregman is even better.
Since these with the gum backs fall 1:943 packs. If I've read the odds right. Which I might not have.
Another back variation here...
These green backs fall at a slightly more reasonable 1:63 packs. With the B&W parallels being 1:31 and /50, I'll guess the print runs here are /25.
Finally, parallels with an actual print run on the back.
And the parallel portion ends with the 1-per-box SP. I was really hoping to land Randy Johnson clad in the Expos uni, but it was not to be.
A tough pick as to my favourite of the two autographs. Despite being an ebay 1/1 with its 150/150 numbering, this card does have a small ding in the upper right corner and is a Yankees card, so it is the lesser of the two.
And this is my favourite of the two autos.While I don't think this will quite qualify for my penmanship collection, it is a really nice looking sig of a former #1 overall draft pick. That's still enough to give it keeper status in a great box.

I'm about 70 cards away from the non-SP set, and should have my wantlist updated by next weekend. Starting tomorrow, the smaller boxes I threw in with my COMC-->Blowout credit.


  1. Awesome Judge auto! Hadn't seen that one yet.

  2. Very nice! I like the "gum ad" backs just because I like the art of it. I won't be putting out that kind of money and I doubt I will hit one in the few more retail packs I buy. I do like the set though and am going to try to piece it together through trades.