Tuesday 11 April 2017

It is Opening Day!

I hadn't picked up any packs of Opening Day when the Mets started their season at home last week, but I was able to grab a 3 pack hanger from Walmart before the Jays started.
The pack came with a bonus Blue Jays card. It is a different image than the base card in flagship. I probably would have opted for this walk-off celebration over the more generic one used there. This was the only Jays content in the break.
But my first card out was a Mets card. Yay!
The good thing about not busting much flagship is that some of the images are new to me, even if they appear there. Tim Anderson's balancing act wins the image war here. This joins Champ's as the second set in the past 12 months with a food-themed insert set.
Probably the dullest of the packs, even with mascot content. But mascot content is always welcome.
More Mets content!  Just like in recent years, the blue parallels are not numbered.

There you go! I'll probably still pick up a box of this at some point, if for no other reason that building the complete base set through just one box.

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