Sunday 26 July 2015

The Best Way to Experience the Stadium Club - Part 2

And now, the portion of my sportlots Stadium Club order featuring the retired players.
Much like yesterday, I planned to go through these alphabetically by last name. So, I lead with Banks. Even if I didn't plan to do this alphabetically, I still would have lead with this card. It might be the best base card of 2015. But there is stiff competition in this very post.
Such as with a nice card featuring both the NL and AL colour-barrier breakers.
This would be another contender. Much like with the Packers cards making me think of Giant Spider Invasion's MSTing, this one also makes me think of MST3K.
Who's that guy with the big head?
The only way this card could be even better is if a differently cropped version of this photo was also used for a Seaver card. Or a different photo that highlighted Tom better. Such as this one, at Topps beloved Getty Images.
Like I'm going to pass on the most spectacular Mets photo in the set.
This peekaboo shot seems so unlike something you'd see on a Bo Jackson card. That's why I like it so much.
It just worked out that alphabetical order also meant that I'd have the 4 horizontal retired player cards at the end. This does look like a great alternate angle of the card Konerko had a flagship. I think I like this one more, with the 'Thank' as opposed to the 'PK' cut out letters. A great farewell card, reminding me a lot of the beauty Niklas Lidstrom got in 2012 Upper Deck hockey's flagship release.
A classic posed photo. The completely black background works nice with the home whites.
I originally tried to look for the exact date on this photo, but it looks the archives of the Chicago Sun-Times aren't online. But, this ballplayer firm was a thing on the South Side, as per the online archives of the Tribune. But, searching getty images doesn't let me down, tracing it to a September 1962 series at St. Louis.
Could Fernandomania be described with one photo? Yes, yes it can.

And there's the rest of my Stadium Club sportlots goodies. That should be it, depending on what else pops up at COMC.


  1. Every single one of these is a possible Card of the Year.

  2. ^ Seriously. I'm wild about that Doby/Jackie combo.

  3. Love the B&W photography used in this set. And that Gooden has always been one of my favorite images of him.